American Stamp Dealers Association


Recently, a number of stamp collectors in the United States have been contacted by persons unknown offering to sell the collector's philatelic holdings in China.  However, the collector is required to post a bond for this "service".  All collectors should be advised that this approach appears to have all the elements of the "Nigerian Prince" scams that are everywhere on the internet. No ASDA dealer will ever ask for a "bond" for brokering a collection and most ASDA dealers will seek to buy your collection outright.

Each ASDA dealer subscribes to a set of ethical bench marks: integrity, honesty, expertise, dedication and respectability. These are not merely tenets listed on the association’s letterhead; these are the guiding principles for any professional philatelist worth his or her salt. As a collector today, you have many choices when spending money on your collection or when selling it. You have access to eBay, stamp shows, retail stores, mail order, public auctions and more. Each of these presents opportunities for buying and selling.  Each has its pitfalls and how you choose to navigate them will determine the outcome of your collecting experience. Whether you are filling holes in an album, striving to develop a world class specialized collection, or disposing of Uncle Ned's 26 volume collection, you can chart your own course or enlist the support of a dealer to reach your goal.  The goals every collector will want to achieve are years of enjoyment, satisfaction that they have fulfilled their intellectual curiosity, and an overall positive experience where honesty and integrity are paramount. These results can be achieved when you employ a professional philatelist to help you achieve your goals. Make sure it’s an ASDA member who subscribes to the ASDA code of ethics.


The American Stamp Dealers Association, Inc. is a professional organization serving philately since 1914. We are dedicated to promoting integrity, honesty and reliability, and we are the hobby builders of philately.

American Stamp Dealers Association, Inc. members represent all segments of the philatelic marketplace both retail and wholesale. Our membership is international in scope with members coming from Europe, Asia, South America, the Pacific Rim Nations and the Middle East as well. Our stamp dealer members include the most respected firms and individuals in the industry.

The American Stamp Dealers Association, Inc. promotes stamp collecting, keeps stamp dealers informed about in and out-of-industry regulations and happenings, opposes laws which would adversely affect the industry and its Members' livelihood, and acts as a liaison between stamp dealer member Associations affiliated with other recognized philatelic bodies. ASDA studies local and national legislation that relates to the field and publishes them with commentary. In many instances, the American Stamp Dealers Association, Inc. has been successful in securing the reversal of rulings which were detrimental to the stamp business.

In short, the aims of American Stamp Dealers Association, Inc. are your aims: to publicize the professionalism and dependability of ASDA members; to promote the stamp industry and your share in it.

Membership in American Stamp Dealers Association, Inc. will enhance your reputation and increase your business.