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The American Stamp Dealer & Collector Announces Wayne Youngblood as its New Editor

The American Stamp Dealers Association, Inc. is proud to announce Wayne Youngblood as the new editor of The American Stamp Dealer & Collector. Wayne’s reputation and accomplishments in the hobby make him the perfect choice to take the magazine into the future.

Wayne, one of the most recognized names in the U.S. philatelic community, is a lifelong stamp collector who began before the age of 8 and never stopped. He has been an APS member for more than 40 years, serving nearly a decade on its board of directors. He also serves as an expertizer for American Philatelic Expertizing (for more than 25 years), and is the longest-term instructor at the APS Summer Seminar on Philately, where he has been lead instructor of the Stamp Technology course for more than 25 years.

He began his professional involvement with the hobby as an editor at Linn’s Stamp News, became Editor of Scott Stamp Monthly and later Editor-Publisher of Stamp Collector newspaper, as well as serving as publisher of other collectibles titles spanning from comics and toys to records and movies. He is the author of 10 books (including 8 on history and historical photography) and has had thousands of articles published throughout the philatelic world.

Wayne currently edits Topical Time (for the American Topical Association), Duck Tracks (for the National Duck Stamp Collectors Society), and previously edited The Posthorn and Airpost Journal, leading each to consistent gold-medal award status. He also will take over as editor of the Collector’s Club Philatelist later this year for the Collectors Club of New York. Wayne continues to write regularly for several publications (including The American Philatelist, Linn’s and the international Philatelic Exporter) and speaks extensively.

In addition to belonging to numerous philatelic organizations, Wayne serves on the board of directors of the Arizona Philatelic Rangers, previously served on the American First Day Cover Society board and has been a philatelic judge. He has been inducted into the APS Writers Unit #30 Hall of Fame and the Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs Hall of Fame. Although his primary expertise lies in stamps, Wayne, who is now an independent author, editor, and dealer, also has a strong interest and knowledge base in historical documents, autographs and vintage photographs. He has served at numerous appraisal fairs specializing in these areas for about 20 years. Among his collecting interests are errors, freaks and oddities; fakes and forgeries; and the secret drop boxes of the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos.

We are grateful to Randy Neil, our long-time editor, for his years of service and dedication and wish him all the best in his retirement. He has been the force behind the success of the magazine since its launch at Washington 2006. He is not leaving the ASDA family, as he will be our "Editor Emeritus."



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