Palmares 100th Anniv.



100th Anniversary ASDA Postage Stamp Show

Exhibitor Frames                   Title Medal Additional Awards
Abramson, Dr. Murray A. 8 Expansion of U.S. Airmail to Foreign Destinations (1924-1941) Gold Best in Show 20th Century
Allen, Paul D. 8 Victorian outgoing mail to Great Britain, Europe and USA Oct. 1854-July 1876 Large Vermeil  
Al-Manaseer, Dr. Akthem 8 The "In British" Occupation Provisionals of Baghdad and Mosul Gold  
Bass, Michael A. 8 International Postal Operations in the Holy Land 1852-1914 Large Vermeil  
Benninghoff, Robert 5 Irish Definitive Coil Stamps 1922-1940 Gold  
Bergen, Ed 5 Walt Disney's First Superstar: Mickey Mouse Silver  
Bleckwenn, Brian 8 United States First Issue Revenues 1862-1871:  A Specialist's Sampler Large Vermeil  
Cipolla II, Roland H. 5 The Origin and Evolution of America's First Express Company, "Harndens Express" Vermeil  
Debney, Richard 5 Cape of Good Hope, 1853-64 Large Vermeil  
Eubanks, Gordon 8 The United States Issues of 1851-1856 & Their Importance in an expanding Postal System Large Gold Grand Award US
Forster, Jeff 8 The U.S. 1869 Pictorial Issue Used in International Mails Large Gold Best in Show Postal History
Gilbart, Kenneth D. 8 United States Ten Cent Issue of 1861 Gold  
Gliedman, Chip 5 Postal Uses of the U. S. 12c 1861 Issue Large Vermeil  
Gliedman, Chip 5 My Victoria  - Imperforate Line Engraved Stamps of Great Britain from Plate Position CG Silver  
Haber, Lawrence 5 The Half-Penny (Decimal) Machin Large Vermeil  
Heimburger, Dr. Irvin 8 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Silver  
Kirke, Nicholas M. 8 The Progression of New York International Mail Cancels 1845-1878 Large Gold  
Kramer, George 5 The Telegraph in America Vermeil  
Lesher, Ronald 5 Control and Taxation of Alcohol during Prohibition Large Vermeil  
Middendorf, Hon. J. William 1 United States: 1851-57 One Cent issue Non-comp.  
Morris Jr., Dr. Vernon R. 8 Fighting the Fed in Philadelphia: Carrier, Local Posts and Independent Mails, 1835 to 1868 Gold  
Nassre-Esfahani, Behruz 8 Persia, 1902 Provisional Typeset Issue of Teheran Gold  
Pedneault, John 8 The Overprints of Ireland Vermeil  
Pildes, Dr. Robert B. 8 Artist Drawings, Essays, Proofs and associated material of the 1948 Do'ar Ivri Issue of Israel Large Gold Grand Award International
Pitts, David R. 7 Bermuda: Postal History from 1620 to the UPU Gold  
Price, Don D. 8 U.S. Bicolor Postage Stamp Issues of 1869, 1873 & 1901 Gold  
Puliafito, Dr. Carmen A. 8 United States Independent Mails 1844-1845 Large Gold Best in Show US 19th Cent.
Ruebush II, Trenton K. 5 Egypt's Fourth Issue 1879-1913 Gold Best in Show Int. 19th Cent.
Sayeed, Mohamad A. 8 The Universal Postal Union  Gold  
Schwartz, Barry K. 1 St. Louis "Bears" Postmaster's Provisional Stamps Large Gold  
Schwartz, Barry K. 5 Fiji and Samoa Stamps and Postal History Silver-Bronze  
Siegling, Van 5 The Magical World of Harry Potter Large Silver  
Smith, Peter A. 8 Egyptian Postal Stationery to the end of the Monarchy Large Vermeil  
Steidley Ph.D., K. David 8 Uses of the One-Cent Franklin, Series of 1902 Large Vermeil  
Telep, Dan 8 Vietnam's Communist Insurgent Military Mail 1960-1975 Vermeil