James E. Lee, LLC

James E. Lee, LLC
Mr. James Lee
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PO Box 3876
Oak Brook, IL 60522-3876
United States of America
PO Box 3876
Oak Brook, IL 60522-3876
United States of America
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Quality U.S. stamps, fancy cancels, essays, proofs & 19th & 20th century postal history. U.S. Essay & Proof literature and auction catalogs.
Website: www.jameslee.com
Email: stamps71@gmail.com

Quality U.S. essays & proofs, 19th century postal history
with emphasis on the Civil War, fancy cancels, and
 U.S. essay and proof literature and auction catalogs

Whether online or on the road at a stamp show, James E. Lee is your destination
 for Quality U.S. Essays, Proofs, Postal History and Fancy Cancels

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We invite you to join us online and browse our vast stock of quality U.S. essays, proofs, postal history, fancy cancels, and related philatelic literature. Buying online is easy. We accept Visa and MasterCard. You also can order by mail, phone or e-mail. While visiting us online, you may view our quarterly newsletter, James E. Lee’s Philately and our most recent biweekly e-mail newsletter on new literature and important philatelic material that’s been added to our stock. Sign up to receive these monthly e-notices when you are visiting our home page at jameslee.com. Also check out our stamp show schedule, other philatelic links, and if you are considering selling all or part of your collection we provide an e-mail link to us. jameslee.com never closes, visit us 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

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We travel to 5 or 6 stamp shows a year and look forward to chatting with you at our booth. Check our show schedule online at jameeslee.com and in our quarterly newsletter.

We Are Buying

Whether you want to sell individual pieces, accumulations, collections or exhibits, we will make a cash offer upon the evaluation of your philatelic holdings. Upon acceptance of our offer, immediate payment is made. For collections valued more than $50,000 we will travel to your home, office or bank. If we feel your collection is better suited for auction we will advise you on where best to place it and handle the transaction for you. Contact us through our online e-mail link or directly to jam@jameeslee.com or call 847-910-6048. How may we help you?

About Jim Lee

I was introduced to stamp collecting on Christmas day in 1957. My parents gave me a Minkus “My First Stamp Album”. That album sparked a love affair that has lasted for over 50 years. Three years later, my father took me to COMPEX in 1960. That same year I founded a junior stamp club within the Beverly Hills Philatelic Society that met in the Chicago Park District’s, Ridge field house. My interest in stamps was put on the shelf during college but reignited the moment I received my degree in 1971. It was through a Linn’s ad that fall that I met Falk Finkelburg and began my interest in the study of United States essays and proofs. By 1979 my interest expanded into the study and pursuit of postal history of the United States — the One-Cent 1861–67 issue. This collection eventually became an exhibit and was shown at MIDAPHIL in 1993 where it received a Vermeil award.

After 19 years as part-time dealer, my journey evolved into a full-time pursuit in May of 1990, and I have been a full-time professional ever since.

I served as a director of the United States Philatelic Society for eight years; Past President of the American Stamp Dealers Association; and have been President of the Midwest Stamp Dealers Association for the past 20+ years.