ASDA Auction Firm Code of Ethics

ASDA Auction Firm Code Of Ethics

This member endorses the ASDA Code of Ethics for Auctions firms.

As a guide to all members the Board of Directors has duly adopted this Code of Ethics.

1. I will provide proof of licensing in my principal location as required by my municipal and state regulations. If my local and/or state governments do not require licensing, I must provide a statement indicating this.

2. I will file the Terms and Conditions of Sale as printed in my auction catalog with my application.

3. My Terms and/or Conditions of Sale will provide for the return of misdescribed lots within the time specified there.

4. My Terms of Sale will provide the conditions under which the purchaser shall have the right to seek authentication of my descriptions.

5. My auction catalogues will provide a specific time and place that lots to be auctioned may be viewed.

6. I will provide specific dates and starting times for my auctions.

7. People can personally attend my auctions.

8. A printed Prices Realized will be available (free or for purchase) for each auction I conduct.

9. I will maintain an adequate insurance policy to cover consignments I accept for Public Auctions.

10. I will provide a written consigner’s agreement to the consigner.

11. The following statement must appear in the auction catalogue: “ This firm is a subscriber to the ASDA Code of Ethics for auction firms”.