ASD&C on Letterman

ASD&C on Letterman!

Gray’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey is something of a Renaissance Man. He’s a fly fisherman, among other things. In fact, folks say he actually pursues stamp collecting as one of his hobbies. We’re pretty glad to have such a savvy, astute and popular actor on our side!

We’re also pretty glad to have someone like Debbie Piller, wife of ASDA Board Member Stanley Piller, who rang us up the other day to tell us about the following...

Patrick was a guest on the Late Night with David Letterman Show on Friday evening, May 2nd—and it was certainly a banner occasion for philately and, most especially, the magazine you’re holding in your hands.

Dave was spoofing Patrick, remarking that, due to his wide variety of interests, he was being featured on the cover of several major magazines. Let’s see—there was Patrick playing a military re-enactor on the cover of a Civil War periodical. And another shot of Patrick standing in a stream with his fly fishing regalia plainly in view—and yet another shot of the actor on the front of a martial arts magazine.

Ah, but then there was Patrick the Stamp Collector—and wouldn’t you know it! Dave reached down and pulled up a copy of the April 2008 issue of The American Stamp Dealer & Collector— where Patrick was seen in his U.S. Postal Service uniform sorting the mail. The artists working for the Letterman show certainly did our magazine justice. In fact, we’d like to feature Patrick Dempsey on our cover any time he likes!

The May 2nd Letterman show was available online at the show’s website at and we were able to download the photographs shown above. You can imagine our delight!

Considering the “reach” of some of the other, much older, stamp magazines, one must wonder (with a bit of pride) why the Letterman people happened to select ASD&C for this unusual segment with a popular actor.

Actually, we have a good clue—and it goes right to the heart of what we’re all about. In fact, the Letterman show was playing right into our hands.

We’re the only stamp magazine that covers the PEOPLE of our hobby. Instead of just putting stamps on our front covers 100% of the time (like our friendly competitors do), we offer up an encouraging, positive image for philately: that it’s a hobby populated by people—not just stamps.

So when David Letterman wanted to feature a famous actor as a philatelist, he didn’t have to look very far at all. We were right there for him!