An auction agent will save more than money

An auction agent will save you more money
James E. Lee

During my chat with Lou Robbins he made a very salient point about his lifetime of experience as an auction agent. Lou said, and I quote: “My clients probably saved more money with me than they ever spent on stamps with me.

I always looked at and evaluated every auction lot upon which I was asked to bid.” The literal translation is that Lou kept them from buying stamps that we not as described. This is one of the cornerstones of the auction agent business.

Whether you are building a general or specialized collection having an auction agent to represent you is one of the most important decisions a collector can make.

Keeping you from purchasing a dog in only one of the ways an agent can serve you. Here are the rest of the cornerstones that will pay off in spades for you the collector.

Agents receive hundreds of auction sale catalogs every year. Therefore, they are in a position to comb the auction marketplace throughout the philatelic world for material specifi cally for your collection.

I cannot think of a single collector or dealer who has the time to review all of those catalogs. This service alone is worth the five percent of hammer fee that they will charge for your successful bids.

An agent, upon request, will view the material that you are interested in. They will help you evaluate the value of what is being offered. Their years of experience of sitting in the auction room gives them an enormous edge in knowing what an item or group of material will bring. Remember they have accumulated the results from literally hundreds of auctions over the years.

Your relationship with your agent is always strictly confidential. In fact, an agent can actually buy for you in his/her name thus leaving the auction house and the rest of the floor guessing as to who is acquiring certain material that is of interest to only you. This can be extremely important if you are in the midst of forming a new collection.

Your goal should be to acquire as much of the targeted material before the rest of the world discovers who you are and thus make you the target. Secondly, the auctioneer is bidding his book against the agent which makes it more difficult to run up the price of the lot on the block.

Agents have a good working relationship with the dealer community. This means that they can comb dealer stocks for material for your collection.

Your agent can represent you in private treaty matters. They can handle the  negotiations in confi dence. Here again, a big plus for you, since your identity is protected. I can guarantee you that this will save you money.

In essence a good auction agent is your eyes and ears to the selling side of the philatelic world. They will save you an enormous amount of time and money over your collecting life.

When it comes time to sell your collection they can represent your interests in the disposal of you collection.

An auction agent is just as important as the dealer you choose to have in your

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