Hans Stoltz

Hans Stoltz

It is always a privilege to induct into the Aerican Stamp Dealer Hall of Fame a  living dealer who may not, perhaps, realize the importance of his contibutions to this great hobby and to the profession that serves it. such is the great Hans Stoltz, the venerable stamp dealer from Webster Groves, Mo., whose career was recounted in the February issue of this magazine.

A native of Holland, Hans became a young stamp dealer during World War II - hiding hte fact that he had been a student in nuclear physics before the Nazis invaded and occupied his country. After the war, Hans worked in Europe (for firms like the famed Edgar Mohrmann) and in Rio de Janeiro. He came to the U.s. in 1964 and soon became vice president of the Robert A. Siegel auction firm.

In 1975, Hans decided to go into business for hiself and wisely chose the St. Louis area as the  location of his shop - soon to become famous at 34 North Gore Street. It was to become a mecca for serious philatelists from accross America. They knew of Han's reputation as one of the key philatelic experts in the world-and they flocked to him. Not the least among them was his dear friend, Elizabeth Pope, herself and internationally-respected expert in classic 19th century philately.

After joining the Webster Groves Stamp Club, an orginizatin widely respected throughout American philately, Hans was selected auctioneer. He built these monthly sales into legendary events with major material rarely seen at local club auctions.

Hans Stoltz is a true philatelit's philatelist. Like the great stamps dealers of yore, he is in love whith this hobby and the treasures we collect-and is unselfish in using his monumental knowledge to teach and help others. It would be difficult to think of someone who better exemplifies the integrity of the stamp profession.